Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Art Journal Page 10/01/14 - Holding On By a Thread

This page was fun and frustrating. It had it's moments where I didn't think it would make it.

The first thing I did was draw my little face...which originally looked like this. (More on that in a minute). This pictures also shows you the difference between the finished face (bottom) and one that still needs the details added (top). The details--strands of hair, shading on the face, cleaning up the lines--really make it pop.
I then cut out her dress. I painted clouds on a book page and then outlined them with a Micron pen. And then I cut them out.
Okay, so now I had all the elements ready for the page. Now to prepare the page. I squirted out some blue and white acrylic paints onto the page and smeared them around with an old credit card and with my fingers.

Once that was dry, I placed things where they would go and marked where I needed to paint the hands and legs. This image makes me laugh. I love the floating, dismembered body parts.
Then I put it all together and it looked like this...for about 15 minutes. And then I decided that I just didn't love the face. It wasn't working for me at all.
The little quote on the side says "She was holding on by a thread." It seemed quite perfect to me.
SOOOO....I cut out a new face and had to get it to fit just right. It felt weird gluing it right on top of the first face, but there was no other way. And so now I have about 3 other little faces that didn't fit but may be used somewhere else later. And in the end I'm really glad I simplified the face. It just seems to fit better with everything else going on on the page.
And here she is with her neighbor in my Art Journal--Little Princess


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous illustration! Really love the interest and sense of depth the different textures and materials create :)

Diane said...

This is just adorable!! You are so talented.


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