Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sunday Sketches and How I Draw Everywhere

I like to carry some drawing materials with me wherever I go. I had to set aside my pretty, perfect aqua purse that I bought in Las Vegas because it wouldn't fit my composition book and pouch of pens and pencils. THAT'S how committed I am to taking this stuff with me! :)
I like to have a composition book or little notebook, several pencils and a tiny sharpener, a kneaded eraser, some felt tip pens and some random Prisma colored pencils and 1 or 2 Prisma markers. Most often I just use the felt tip (I prefer a Papermate Flair) but I like to have the other things available if I feel like adding some color.

What's in my composition book? I take notes in meetings I'm in, I write journal entries, I do drawings and basic doodling.

This page was done while watching "Liar, Liar"--a movie I've seen a bunch of times so only need to half pay attention. That way the other half of my attention can be on my lettering. Plus I like to keep my hands busy when watching a movie or TV (and better drawing than snacking, right??).
This simple composition book now acts as a great reference for lettering and it's also a great journal and record WITHOUT BEING A TRADITIONAL, FORMAL JOURNAL/DIARY! This is a win/win for me.

So here are my latest Sunday Sketches done in the ol' comp book:
 Still not sure if I'm going to add some color to her...

This took longer than I expected but was fun to do and is definitely something I want to work on some more. I'm thinking of adding a bit of color to this one too. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Newest Name Signs

 This one is for a friend's brand new beautiful baby.
And this one is for my daughter's sweet friend.

I went a little more funky with the lettering on these since they were gifts so I could do what I want. :) I sprinkled in some capital letters. I kind of like the different look.


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