Thursday, October 2, 2014

Oh What To Do With All Those Doodles??

I'm a list maker. Lotta lists. To Do lists, grocery lists, Things I Don't Want To Forget lists.  Inevitably I end up doodling on those lists.
This was my To Do List for yesterday

I also doodle on meeting agendas (basketball booster club meetings can get really boring), church programs, my kids' school notebooks...if there's paper around, I'll probably doodle on it--with a ball point pen.

Sometimes the doodle is something I want to keep for later reference. Who knows? It may end up a painting or an Art Journal page someday. (The girl with the balloon in my To Do list above became the inspiration for my Art Journal page yesterday).

I've had these loose pages lying around EVERYWHERE for quite a while. But today I decided to consolidate. (This is only part of them!)
Notice 99.9% of the time it's people. People are my favorite things to draw.

I cut around all the little characters and lettering I had lying around and some edge designs I tried out and I glued them into My Idea Sketchbook. This is where I turn when I need inspiration. I got three pages out of all my little doodles. 
I kind of love seeing them all together. Now the next time I'm feeling artist's block, I'll just flip to one of these pages and let the ideas flow.

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Diane Duda said...

I think we are the same person. Doodle-wise anyway. :)


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