Friday, April 19, 2013

IF - Train

Hair like this doesn't just happen, you've got to tease it and train it and mousse it. But it's worth it because it's a hit with the ladies. :)

Illustration Friday - the theme this week is TRAIN

First Friday Art Class for April 2013 - Color Theory

Today was all about color. Before class I assigned the girls a color to wear so they could sit at the table in the color wheel. So perfect that we have exactly 6 girls. The table isn't round, but they still got the "wheel" idea. :)
As usual, these little sweeties took this idea and ran with it. At one point one of them said, "I sure hope Orange gets here soon!" From then on, they each were known as their color instead of their name. Then, when I asked what you got when you mixed yellow and blue, they answered "Tabitha!" (she was our green). Hilarious and so much fun.

I think it was good for them to physically see who was opposite them on the color wheel. It was a great way to talk about primary and secondary colors, complementary colors, and warm colors/cool colors, etc. Fun!

During our discussion, the girls worked on this worksheet. (The first thing they asked was, "Can we color Roy??" This made me happy.)
I asked them to color the rectangles starting with dark heavy pressure and then fading into a lighter tone of each color. Most of them were familiar with the "Roy G. Biv" memorization tool, but it was new to a few of them. Roy has 6 distinct hair segments to color in the order of the rainbow (skipping indigo as today we stuck with just the primary and secondary colors).

Here's a sample of a finished worksheet. (Several of them decided ol' Roy could use a sweet mustache. This one is quite French, non?)
We then moved onto a really great design and color project found HERE from Art With Mr. E. I began by letting them know that it took me a couple of tries before I really got the hang of it. Here are my examples as well as several of my first attempts that are headed for the recycling bin.
I showed them how to do it step by step really stressing that you need to make sure each line goes from dot to dot. They practiced with pencil on scrap paper first until they felt more comfortable. I made sure to let them know that even if you have a couple little sloppy spots or tiny mess ups, these still look oh so cool!
They did their finished drawing on a 4x6 card with a fine tip Sharpie. They chose any color scheme that appealed to them. And they turned out amazing!

This was a really great project that combines design and color and also light and highlight. (Thanks Mr. Edinger for sharing this great project!!) HERE is another variation on the Line Design project. It's the same concept but with some tweaks.
I had a lovely, colorful afternoon with these colorful, amazing, fun, sweet girls!

See you next month!


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