Saturday, March 27, 2010

IF - Rescue

Beatrice, 5" x 6", Acrylics and Mixed Media on 3/4" MDF

What's the best rescue for a bad hair day? A brand new hat with a giant flower on it! Then no one will ever know of the disaster that lies beneath. :)

Newest Name Signs

These all went out recently. Teacher and Child Name Signs are always available in my Bumblebina ETSY shop!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Wreaths

I saw this Spring Wreath Tutorial a few days ago and two thoughts crossed my mind:

1. I HAVE to make one
2. I have some unmarked, don't know where it came from, green novelty yarn in my stash (and you know how I love to use stuff I already have!)

So off I go to my local craft store to buy the wreath base. Brought it home and wrapped it half way when I ran out of what I thought was a full skein (it wasn't) of green fur. Another trip back to the afore mentioned craft store plus the only other craft store in town and no luck on more green fun fur. Did I mention this was all happening on St. Patrick's Day? NOT the best day to be searching for green novelty yarn evidently. They were cleaned out.

So I bought a smaller wreath form and made a smaller one. This one I embellished with wrapped fabric flowers.  I pinned them on with tiny head pins that are hidden in the fabric folds. (Note: The flowers were made using the techniques from this video tutorial).

It's hanging on the inside of my front door and I love it!

Now I have a large wreath form and no real plans for it. Then I remembered I had a full skein (this time I was sure it was a full skein) of Paton's Cha Cha yarn in perfect Easter colors. Let the wrapping begin again.

The variegated yarn did all the striping itself. Good little yarn! And how fun is this wreath??? I glue gunned on a couple plastic eggs, tied a thick green silk ribbon and VOILA!

We are ready for Spring!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

IF - Expired

Don't tell this bovine that the milk is EXPIRED.
She don't wanna hear it! :)


Newest Paintings From T. Matthews Fine Art

These fun little cows are some of my newest original block print paintings. The Green Cow is my entry for Nibblefest this month and is available on e-bay.

The Purple Cow and Pink Cow are currently available on ETSY.  Each little cow painting is 3" x 4".

*UPDATE: All Cows have SOLD*

And this sweet little gal is Beatrice. She is available on ETSY.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Chair Backs for a Local Teacher

One of the teachers at my kids' school approached me about painting the backs of some chairs she has in her classroom. They are canvas director's chairs. And they made the perfect "canvas". Oh, I had some fun with these! 

She has a really fun classroom with a fun flower border stapled up around the whiteboard. The green chair was done to match the border.

Here is is in the classroom

And here's a close up view of it in my studio

The red chair is a very high director's chair that the teacher and students have affectionately dubbed "The Queen's Chair" so we made it official by painting that on the chair.

In the class room

Close up of the chair back in my studio

I love painting on unusual surfaces. Furniture is some of the most fun to decorate and paint. Now I'm looking around my house wondering what piece of furniture could use a little pizazz. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Name (er, letter) Sign

This little sweetie was ordered by a friend. It's from her son to his teacher who is having a baby boy soon. She wanted the first letter of his name instead of the whole name. Mmmm, this is fun. I may be putting these in the shop soon.

Handknit Baby Gifts

These were both baby shower gifts recently given to friends. Girl stuff is so fun!! :)

Yarn Used: (on all of them) Caron Simply Soft
Patterns: Toddler Republic Hat (using my newborn adaptations) and Mary Jane Socks (from Creative Knitting, May 2008)

The flower on the little variegated hat was made the same way as my little baptism hair flowers using chiffon fabric.

And not to be left out--there are some baby boys on my "to knit for" list. This one is for me soon-to-arrive nephew.

Yarn Used: Bernat Haven
No real pattern, just a simple roll brim hat with an i-cord knot at the top


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