Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Art Journal Page 9/24/14 - Little Princess

I took sort of a different approach today. I had several head sketches hanging around and a few ideas I wanted to explore so I worked on 4 different heads at the same time and then waited to see which one "spoke" to me once they were done.

The one with the dark brown hair was my attempt at a Day of the Dead type girl. I don't love her. In fact I loved her much more BEFORE I added all the Day of the Dead stuff to her. I may re-draw her and just do her without all the design on her face, but keeping the flower petals around the eye.

The orange haired face is headed for a little Halloween page I think. I had to cut off her long eyelashes, but I'll be adding them back on once she has a page of her own. I see her with a witch's hat.

And the short haired blondie is based (loosely--you know I don't do perfect likeness) on Kaley Cuoco and her new short haircut. I watched The Big Bang Theory Last night. :)

But in the end, the little pink haired sweetie and I bonded today so I created a page just for her and her little yellow bird friend.

I've had those little scrap pieces of paper doily hanging around ever since my art class girls did PAPER ANGELS last December. I knew I wanted to use them for an Elizabethan type collar and this face was perfect for what I had in mind. She's a little bit 19th century clown, a little bit Alice in Wonderland, and a little bit Marie Antoinette. How's that for an interesting combination?

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