About Me

I am an artist and a mom and a teacher. Art has always been a huge part of my life. I truly believe that art is magical. I've seen it change kids' lives. They can gain confidence and explore their creative side. I love more than anything to share art with other people. I've taught art in the public schools and in my home for the past 18 years.

I love to create something from nothing--I think that's why knitting and mixed media art appeal to me so much. Ball of yarn into a useful piece of clothing..that's magic! Piece of scrap wood and some tossed off book pages into a piece of art...again, magic! Isn't it wonderful??

On this blog I post details of my current projects, art classes I'm teaching, knitting patterns and projects, craft tutorials--whatever creative venture I'm currently involved in. 

So look around and enjoy! Thanks for stopping by!


V Visions said...

When I read "about me", I feel like you are talking about Me!! U r soooo right, knitting is magical! I draw, paint (pics N interior of houses) scrapbook, learning All fiber arts!!!
Thanks for the OK to be "Multi"
Vee Jaye

ArtHipstory said...

Hi there, I'm SO obsessed with your color Element of Design worksheet, and am wondering if you have others?

Tif said...

Thank you! Any worksheets I've made would be under the "First Friday Art Class" or "Drawing People - A Five Day Course" headings on my blog. I've also created a board of all my handouts on Pinterest. Not sure if this link will work, but here it is: https://www.pinterest.com/bumblebina1/my-art-class-handouts/

Mariellen Rose said...

I love to knit, but am not very advanced in my skills. I appreciate your line by line headband pattern. I am excited to try it. thanks from a Grammy.

angela said...

Hi I just came across your page on Pinterest. Do you have any handwritting tutorials? Im obsessed with you hand lettering and would love to learn!

Tif Matthews said...

I do have a couple. If you click on the link for "First Friday Art Classes" I know there are some February classes where we focused on lettering.

Pieter said...

Hi, I also came across your page in Pinterest, and thought I should also email you with a comment I made on page "Drawing People Summer Art Class - Day 2", as I felt it is an important issue:
Regarding face proportions, I fully support what you wrote there.
Please refer to works such as those of Prof. Gottfried Bammes who was a professor of art at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts, Germany. His anatomic drawing textbooks have become standard reference works; several have been translated into English.
Eyes ARE in the middle of the head!
Regards Pieter
PS great tutorials, I always look for new ideas to teach kids arts and crafts.


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