Monday, August 15, 2016

Bullet Journal Pages 84-85

I'm not thrilled with any aspect of these pages but my goal is to post every page so as to have a full record here on the blog. I guess that's all I can say... :)

Bullet Journal Pages 82-83

Lots of things to celebrate on these pages - my sweet niece turning 8, the Olympics starting, and my husband and I celebrating our 20th anniversary.

I used my daughter's Monster Gel Pens for a lot of the lettering on these pages. They write like butter--seriously! So smooth. But they are water soluble and do smear, so be warned.

Bullet Journal Pages 80-81

I seemed to have flowers on my mind this week. I kept these pages black and white with just a touch of metallic silver here and there.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Bullet Journal Pages 76-77

My health tracker for August and some motivational quotes to...well, motivate me.

Bullet Journal Pages 74-75

A crazy journaling page.

Bullet Journal Pages 72-73

I've decided to do either a lettering or doodling challenge for myself each month. And I wanted a place to keep track of ideas for those challenges.

Bullet Journal Pages 70-71

Some pages end up really graphic and typographic. And some, like these, end up more illustrative. For these pages, it started with the little dog doodle and then went from there.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bullet Journal Pages 60-61 COMPLETED And the Next Challenge Begins

I've been working on these pages all month and they're finally complete. What a fun challenge.

For August, I decided to do a lettering challenge. Each day I'll write a different place I've been or travelled to. So at the end of the month I should have a page full of lettering and also a bit of my own personal history on the page.


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