Sunday, February 19, 2012

First Friday Art Class for February 2012 - Fun and Funky Lettering

A bit late on this one because we had the actual class on the second Friday. But here you go.

Because February is the month of LOVE, we studied lettering so the girls could use some fun lettering techniques to make Valentine cards if they'd like. 

We began by talking about how NOBODY loves their own handwriting, but they should. It's unique to them and it's part of them.

We talked about changing a few letters here and there to make things look more fancy. (Don't try this at school--teachers don't love this) 

For instance, look at the a, t and g I just typed. Adding those old fashioned ways of writing those letters can make your writing look more fancy. We also talked about where you place part of the letters making differences. (see page 1 below). The bouncy writing is when you don't have all your letters level on a line, some are high and some are low--bouncy. 

We practiced lots of fun types of writing (see both pages 1 and 2 below). I even let the girls in on how I do the lettering for my signs. (Steps 1-5 writing 'TiF' on page 2).

Pardon the wrinkles in the pages. My naughty dog walked on them in the car. :( But you get the idea.
The next thing we did was start a page like this one: (dog really got to this one...)
This is a fun page to put in your sketchbook or journal and add to it whenever you feel like practicing some writing. You can add anything you love--ice cream, sunshine, your family...anything! It's also a great way to remind you of all the things you love and help you be grateful for them!

 Hard at work
 This little sweetie is always so bold and fearless...I LOVE it!!
This one didn't want to be locked in to doing 100, so she just put "a lot of things I love" :)

We ended the class by playing Valentine Bingo that I found HERE. Notice the fun lettering on the bingo cards--lettering is everywhere! :)

The girls did so well and we had a lovely 2nd Friday afternoon! See you next month!


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