Sunday, June 27, 2010

Here's What We Do...

When the boys are away. :) The boys of our house were away at Scout Camp this week. So my daughter and I had "Girl's Week". Part of Girl's Week is always crafting. We pulled out our Dollar Store and Walmart flowers and went to work making these hair flowers.

My daughter picked out the ones she wanted and the ones to send to her cousins.

 One quick thing, these two were both made from the same exact kind of flowers. Just layered differently. That's the fun part--trying different designs and combinations until you get what you like. Then choose the beads or buttons you want for the center.

1 comment:

JR and Brynn said...

We LOVE being part of your recipient list. You guys are so awesome!! You keep us craft-challenged people still looking adorable. THanks so much!


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