Monday, June 28, 2010

They're Baaaaack

This is the first time I've ever made them, but I know they aren't new. Yo-yo's are back in a big way and I, for one, am happy about it. They are fun, quick, and easy!

These three have alligator clips on the back to use as hair bows or even a lapel pin. (My daughter sometimes just clips the alligator clip to the strap of a tank dress).

The blue fabric on the blue and yellow one is from an old doll stroller that we just decided we could part with (even though it's been broken for years). I cut the seat part off of it because I love the fabric. It was just enough to make this yo-yo and maybe one more smaller one. I love finding new uses! :)

1 comment:

JR and Brynn said...

That's genius to clip it to a strap dress or tank. I am so going to do that with some of Haley's simple dressed to update them. I love these, by the way!


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