Saturday, June 12, 2010

Silk Flower Hair Clip Tutorial

My daughter and I got a little crafty this week and made some hair flowers for friends and cousins. Here's a quick tutorial on how to make them.

Silk Flowers (ours aren't silk, but what else do you call them?)
Alligator hair clips
Buttons or beads
Glue gun
Needle and thread
1/4" -1/2" wide ribbon
Small pieces of felt 

Step 1 - Take the flowers apart removing all the plastic centers and stems and backs. You can discard these. You don't need them for the hair flowers.
Step 2 - Layer the flowers together the way you want them. For this one, we did 3 different sizes of flowers on one hair clip.
Step 3 - Sew the button on. We topped this one off with a small pink button. You can also used beads. Sew a felt circle on the back as you're sewing on the button--creating a button, flower, felt sandwich.
Step 4 - Since the felt is only held on by a couple of stitches, tack it with some more glue around the edges.
Step 5 - Attach the alligator clip. I like to cover the top of my alligator clips with 1/4" ribbon. This helps it to stick to the felt better.
Step 6 - Wear it proudly!


baby gifts said...

Such a darling clip! I'm going to add this to the long list of craft projects to do! =)

JR and Brynn said...

Your tutorials are super in depth and instuctive. I LOVE THEM! Keep them coming. Thanks for this great one. I am going to make Haley some with my friends.


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