Monday, June 9, 2008

Remember These???

Okay, not these exactly. But remember the Jingle Blocks I made at Christmastime? The other day I was just itching to make something with this fantastic paper and I thought, "Why wait for Christmas to make Blocks?" And viola!

I had so much fun with these. They are each 2.75" x 3" and have a gold hook and tulle on top. I'm calling them the Pretty In Pink Blocks. Because they are pink (obviously) but also because they have that funky Andie Walsh ("I have to show them that they didn't break me") feel to them. Right?

Anyway, they are in my ETSY store. There are four striped ones (Hope, Faith, Love, Wish) and three argyle ones (Believe, Friend, Dream). So they work alone or as a set. I really like the two styles mixed and matched together. Very sassy.


letrofilico said...


The Bell Fam said...

I LOVE these! What a great idea. Love the color scheme.


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