Saturday, June 7, 2008

IF - Forgotten

This is my entry for Illustration Friday. The theme this week is FORGOTTEN. My yoga teacher always reminds us to "be present in the moment". This fun painting is my little play on that phrase--be present. (Get it? a bee and a present? I'm only explaining because it took my friend who will not remain nameless--Mindy--a long time to "get" this painting). =)

I think this concept of being in the moment and enjoying the journey is often forgotten by most people.


The Bell Fam said...

Ummm, yeah, I got it. No explanation necessary. :) Love this painting and the phrase so much!

Carolyn said...

it's just beautiful!

Karen Mowrey said...

Perfect! You know I got it as soon as I saw it! I am going to have to link you some where on my blog soon. For now I am adding you to my blog scroll so you will bee easy to find!

k*smith said...

Hahaha~ How fun!


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