Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Logo for Name Signs

I cannot even tell you how long this took me in Photoshop. I am no pro at Photoshop. So I know it's simple, but considering my VERY limited skills, it'll work.

P.S. Who invented Layers?!? Someone bent on torture, I think. First you can put stuff behind them, then you can't and everything goes away. It's like magic, bad magic. Okay, now I've really let you know how much I don't know about Photoshop.


Diane Duda said...

I know nothing about Photoshop, so compared to me you're an expert. The new logo looks great.

I'm in the same "no money...dang gas prices" boat as you, Tif. I really want one of your girls too.


Moony said...

Me too, me too. lol
About snagging up one of your lady paintings, not the photoshop thing. I am no pro, but I have used photoshop quite a bit.

Perhaps I could help you. =D


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