Monday, June 13, 2016

Bullet Journal Pages 48-49

I have always loved Sharpies for bold, big lettering. But I have found a new love...that I kind of like even more than Sharpies.

The Zig Memory System Writer. I've actually had a set of Zig Writers forever--since my scrapbooking days. So really, they're YEARS old. I found them to be too bold and too thick for what I wanted back then but recently pulled out all my pens to inventory and found that not only are the Zigs still working great, I love the quality of line they produce!

Both Sharpie and the Zig draw great, thick black lines. But Sharpies sometimes bleed a bit in the line making the edges of the line less sharp. And the beginnings and endings of the lines can be a bit raw (where you put pen to paper and where you lift off--I'm sure they have official names, but I don't know them).

The Zig Writer doesn't bleed AT ALL and because of the tip shape, it creates a more finished beginning and end to the line. In the picture above you can really see this on the word "Hiya!". The letters all end in a nice, finished, almost rounded-off way. Yeah, I notice tiny things like that. And yeah, it's enough to make me fall in love with the Zig Writer. I'm easily won over by good art supplies! :)

And lastly, you cannot use a Shaprie in a Bullet Journal because it bleeds through to the next page. guessed it, the Zig doesn't bleed. So it's perfectly safe to use in a notebook where you're writing on the front and back of each page. There will be ghosting--there always is. But no bleed.

What about you...what's your favorite pen right now?

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