Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A New Art Form - Digital Lettering

Yes, I know it's been around forever. But I'm very slow to enter the world of digital art because I love and adore paper/canvas/wood and pencil/pen/paint. I really do. I still read actual books that you can hold in your hands because I really do LOVE paper.

I never want the digital world to completely over-take the realm of visual art. There should always be drawings and paintings and sculptures. Things you can touch and hold and see the texture of the brush strokes.

With that said...I am trying some digital art right now. I got a fun, new toy--an iPad Pro--and I purchased the ProCreate app because it seems to be the one most preferred by digital letterers. And man, it's FUN!!
Outside: Ok, here's my first attempt. It's very stiff and elementary. But hey, it's all a learning process, right?

Laugher: Starting to getting the hang of it. I feel like this is extremely close to my hand lettering. And that's what I want. I don't want the program to do the work for me. I want a program that I can use to enhance my own style and hand lettering. 

Explore with Me: I have always wanted to know how to add lettering to photographs and ProCreate make is very easy. I took this photo on a hike one day and added the lettering the next day. How cool is that??

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