Saturday, January 10, 2009

IF - Contained

I did this painting waaaaay back in 2008--remember that year when we all wore jeans and t-shirts and still watched "Pushing Daisies"? :) (I'm so mad it was cancelled!!!)

I've had trouble keeping it contained, but I didn't want to post about it until things settled down after the holidays. And yesterday I finally took down my outside Christmas lights. So the holidays are officially over. Time to get into the swing of things...

This is my entry for Illustration Friday. The theme this week is CONTAINED.

This painting is available in my ETSY shop.



Valerie Lorimer said...

Very sweet!

Diane Duda said...

You just broke my heart! That's the first I'd heard it was cancelled! It was my FAVORITE. :(
I love the painting though!

indigene said...

Great color!

flower girl said...


tusen said...

Very nice. I like the spotted earth :)


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