Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Folk Painting Available on ETSY - Irish Blessing

I tried something completely new with this painting. My husband has a machine that carves into wood--"The Robot" as my kids reverently call it. :)

So we carved the words into the wood before I did the painting. Theoretically the grooves of the letters would keep the black ink contained when I went back in to paint them.

It actually worked for the most part--I just had to use a tiny brush and do a little bit of touch up here and there. I LOVE the end result! The lettering adds so much to the finished painting.

Below is the scanned image. The colors are a little more true to life. (Ignore the line near the top, that's where I merged the two images since this painting is too long to fit on my scanner.)

Irish Blessing, 2008, 14" x 6", Acrylics and Mixed Media on 3/4" MDF (available)

This painting is available in my ETSY shop.


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bonnesinger said...

Hey there, Well since I'm Irish I especially like this one. Just wanted to tell you I love all your cute, original and love your colors. Hope you'll visit my blog sometime...bonnie


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