Thursday, September 4, 2008

Inspire Me Thursday - Notebooks

The challenge for Inspire Me Thursday for this week is to "alter or embellish a notebook, use a sheet of notebook paper in a collage, create a still life drawing of a stack of notebooks, or whatever you may be inspired to create."

Every year for Christmas I print out pages to help me stay organized. I usually just print them on boring old white copy paper and then toss them after Christmas. I've had this planner in my mind for quite some time and this week's challenge inspired me to do it now!

I used a 10" x 7.5" composition book (I LOVE those! Perfect size, cute, cheap. What more could you need?)

I embellished the cover with paper, brads and some delicious ribbon (a soft chartreuse on one side, soft gold on the other). The date tabs are made with 3/4" circle labels.

I use this page to write down crafts I want to make for friends and crafts I want to make with the kids. We always make graham cracker gingerbread houses and at least one kind of snowman. We've done sock snowmen, puff ball snowmen, craft stick get the idea.

Here I'll make a list of all the treats we want to make--old stand-bys (Cornflake Holly cookies are a must every year!) and new one to try.

Now these page (there are 4 total for each year) are why I made the planner in September. I try to make MOST of the gifts I give. (I did make the handmade pledge, you know!) And most people live far away so I do have to ship. So I start planning well before the weather turns (relatively--I do live in the desert) cold. (Do I use parenthesis too much???) :)

Here's where I write down ideas for next year (you'd never guess that from the title, right?) or projects, crafts or treats we didn't get to this year.

We do a fondue party every year. And there are always a host of other events to keep track of.

This is the back cover. It may be a little too plain. I may add something to it later although I'm sort of in love with the green paper and may just leave it clean and simple. Still not sure.

Anyway, that's it--The Christmas Planner!!


The Bell Fam said...

So cute. What a great idea! Everyone could use this. I can't believe how organized you are. You amaze me. You inspire me.

Carolyn said...

it is very cute!

Caroline said...

What a great idea!

I may have to try making one like that myself.

melanie said...

what a cute and clever planner! crazy that we need to start thinking about christmas already, but it really will be here before we know it. i just love the circle labels as tabs; brilliant idea.

Tammie said...

wow you are so organized now and in the form of a fun and beautiful notebook. Happy Holidays to you!

Karen Mowrey said...

I love notebooks and was bummed I had no time to play with this theme. I especially love Christmas planning notebooks and they become an appendage from just before Thanksgiving on. This is excellent and love the page details!


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