Friday, September 5, 2008

IF - Clutter

Take a Look Around, 24" x 18", Acrylics and Mixed Media on canvas (available)

This is my entry for Illustration Friday this week. The theme is clutter. Did you know a clutter in mathematics is a kind of collection of sets? (as per Wikepedia) Neither did I. So here is my collection of sets or clutter of dots.


Caroline said...

Great image and no I didn't know that about sets... and I've got a degree in maths so I think it must be pretty specialised knowledge!

(That or I've forgotten it - also quite possible :-)

damon said...


interesting take

i like

Elizabeth Parsons said...

it's cluttered in a nice way-- it is still balanced and works very well!


Eric Barclay said...

Beautiful colors-- very modern and cool. Great work!

Anonymous said...

Very wonderful. I love it. Very strong image.


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