Sunday, June 22, 2008

IF - Hoard

This is my entry for Illustration Friday this week. The theme is Hoard. You would not believe the hoard of paper scraps I have to create my folk art pieces. I have maps, menus, old books, pieces of cards people have sent get the idea. I hoard paper about as much as I hoard ribbon.

Meredith is available now on ETSY.

*Update: Meredith has SOLD*


rbaird said...

Sounds like a fun hoard!
Love her lips!

pupu said...

Ahh! Its nice! :D

Jenn said...

I am a major paper hoarder too!!! I finished up Water For Elephants Tif...and I absolutely loved it!! I was so happy with the ending:):) xoxo...jenn

Moony said...

I've recently started to hoard paper myself. I have magazines galore, and have recently bought into the scrapbooking stuff. I've gotten a few stamp sets, pastels and cleaners, but the paper... hehe. Just can't get enough!

Moony said...

Those bows are too cool! I'll have to try that, and use up some scrapbooking paper too! Thanks!

Carolyn said...

she is awesome... you know I am madly in love with your art!

sUz said...

hi tiF!

She's too much fun! Love the flowers.

I hoard paper too. It borderlines being an illness but I can't help myself!:)

iN jOy,

Shonna said...

I just found your blog from Lisa Kaus' blog. I'm really glad I did. I love your girlies! And your art.

Diane Duda said...

Oh, i believe you!
with me it's paper and fabric both.:(

you know i love these girls!!!



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