Monday, November 27, 2017

Bullet Journal Pages 228-229

Finally finished my Thanksgiving journalling page. These pages are meant to spark memories for me. So though it may look like absolute chaos, I LOVE going back and reading them and remembering some funny thing my nephew said, or some amazing meal we had.

I took pictures as I went if you want to see my process.

1. First I draw the main title and I usually put a cloud or box or square around it so it doesn't get lost in the rest of the lettering.
2. Then I just start writing. I start with a medium tip and larger tip pen--basically both ends of my Zig Writer. I don't put things in order. I just write things where they'll fit.
3. Once the page is filled, I take a superfine pen like a Micron 01 or even 005 and fill in any spaces that seem too bare.
What do you think? Is this way of journalling appealing to you? Or is it just too chaotic? Let me know...

1 comment:

Thea said...

I love this chaotic style!!! You inspire me a lot, Thanks!


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