Thursday, November 5, 2015

Illustration Friday - Bouquet

This little drawing started as a quick sketch for a drawing in my Book of Faces. You can see in the photo below (top left corner) that I transferred the outline to my Book of Faces in preparation of doing an ink and marker drawing. But then I wondered what it would look like if I stuck with the pencil and added some shading. And I just kept working on it. So now I have this finished sketch on the back of some scrap paper. I may cut her out and put her somewhere a bit more permantnt. Not sure. 

I've never really done any of my funky people without adding some color and I've never done one in graphite. But this was really fun!
Illustration Friday - the theme this week is bouquet

1 comment:

Natalie Simons said...

I love her flower crown. So fun. And such a change to not have ink and color, but I like it. You are amazing!!


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