Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Art Journal #1 - Page By Page Flip Through

This Art Journal started out it's life as a basic ledger from Staples. I didn't do anything to the cover because it's quite slick and I find that SO frustrating--paint won't stick to it, pen won't work on it and don't even get me started on how hard I have looked for a good white no avail!!! prepare it to be an art journal I tore out some pages, glued pages together, and gessoed over several pages. I've been working in it for a couple of years because I find that I work in it a lot for a while then move to something different and then come back to it. But now it is complete and I'm excited to start a whole new fresh book, but a little sad to see this one all the way full. This book represents, to me, hours of enjoyed, cherished, creative time.

What drew me to Art Journaling is that it's just for me. It's a place to do art for myself and to try anything I want to do. And now I have this entire book of fun, playful, funky pieces of art. Flipping through it makes me so happy. Love it!!

Here's a page-by-page flip through of Art Journal next art journal will be done in a Smash Book I found on crazy clearance at Target (score!). I'm already dreaming about the fun things I can put in it!

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Natalie Simons said...

Each page is amazing. I keep thinking that's my favorite page, no that one is, no that one. You are so talented!! Love to see you create such amazing pages.


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