Friday, August 28, 2015

Art Journal Page 8/28/15 - Blue Haired Girl

I recently purchased Danielle Donaldson's book Creative Girl and I have been so inspired by her beautiful style and wonderful backgrounds. I highly recommend this book. It's GORGEOUS!! The background for this girl was very much inspired by Danielle.

I began with a face I finished several months ago that was in my "envelope of faces". She came about using my usual method (pencil->ink->paint->thin ink pen for more detail).
This page was already really warped and bumpy from the previous page which was done with a very thick background of paint and gesso. So I decided it may be best to attach things to the page as opposed to working directly on the page. I decided to embrace the warped bumpiness and texture though. So I began with a green tinted paper and I crumpled it up and then straightened it out before gluing it on. Then came another textured piece of lovely paper. And then the actual painting. As an afterthought I added the circle stickers to the side. Just for fun.
Here she is with her neighbor. I have only one more full page spread to do before this journal is complete.

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Natalie Simons said...

I love her blue hair, it's so fun and sophisticated too.


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