Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Art Journal Page 11/19/14 - Neighborhood

I've had these little houses in my head for a few weeks. This page was so fun! I made several houses and trees using scrap scrapbook paper. And I'm sure I'll be making LOTS more because this was pure fun from beginning to end. This is a great use for scrap paper!

I made the houses free standing so I could move them around and decide where I wanted to put them, as opposed to building them directly onto the paper. It was a little tricky glueing all the tiny pieces on, but worth being able to move them around and see which arrangement I liked best.

Here they are laid out on the page, but not glued down yet:
Before gluing them down, I did a light watercolor wash on the whole page and added some clouds.

There's just something so sweet about a grouping of little houses isn't there?


Bernadette said...

I love it! I work in a dylasis center where I work with patients, crafting while they are being dialyzed. I have used your examples and ideas before. I find that patients are able to adapt to their limitations and have made some great pieces of art work. I can't wait to try a collage of buildings and trees with a winter theme.

Natalie Simons said...

I want to live those cute little houses. Next to you and Brynn


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