Friday, September 12, 2014

Art Journal Page 9/12/14 - True Girl

I go between a lined spiral notebook that I just draw faces in, a composition book that I do lettering in (but faces find their way there too), and an art journal. Tonight I spent a lovely evening in the Art Journal. I had a quiet house and a few ideas floating around so I settled in and got down to business.


I started this page with a pencil sketch of a face. I went over that with my trusted Papermate Flair pen. I'm working on scrap computer paper. I love that in places you'll be able to see the printed text through the paint.

Here comes my Coloring Book Method again. I simply fill in the spaces with paint--just like you would in a coloring book. I use the surrounding paper to sample the colors and check the paint consistency. It's quite handy actually. I also cut out a shape to be her dress.I LOVE that paper. It's from the inside of an envelope and I've been saving it for a special project and I think it's just perfect as her sassy frock.

I add a few lines with my Micron pens and give her cheeks some color with a colored pencil. I also add a bit of shading on the face with colored pencil. Then I cut out the head.

I get an idea of my page layout. Here I'm using scraps or paper from junk mail, scrapbook paper, a fee schedule from the 1980's I found at work, etc. I just pull out my scrap box and see what speaks to me. None of it is glued down yet. I play around with the layout quite a bit before I actually adhere anything to the page.

I add a bit more paper and washi tape and I soften parts of it with white paint. Then I glue everything in the background down with Mod Podge.

Last, I glue down the figure and add some embellishment with Micron Pens and a date stamp in the bottom left corner. And this page is done!

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Natalie Simons said...

I love her. I love her bright and colorful dress and the look of deep thinking on her sweet face.


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