Saturday, February 8, 2014

First Friday Art Class for February 2014 - Let Them Draw Cake!

This being February and the month of Valentine's Day, I decided we'd draw a bunch of sweet treats and fun food this month.

So our treat had to be sweet and fun too, right? Cake Balls are most certainly sweet and fun... (mine still never look as good as Bakerella's but they sure are tasty!)
We began in our sketchbooks just drawing some basic, fun, cute food. I drew on the white board and the girls drew with me in their sketchbooks. Some of these drawings came from the book Craft-a-Doodle from Jessie Oleson Moore (she is SO fun!) And some of them came from a great youtube video called How To Draw Cute Food.
We had fun adding faces to the food. This definitely adds to the cuteness.

Once we were warmed up we dove in to drawing cakes. This does involve some measuring and angles. But learning this concept can take your drawings to the next level.

One of the girls pointed out that eating cake is the most fun, drawing cake is the second most fun, and actually making a cake is the least fun. :)

Here is our handout for today's class:
We practiced drawing cakes with slices taken out of them and also layered cakes. This method gives your drawing so much depth! The girls were surprised and proud of how well they did.

We then went to our final project...a finished, decorated cake.

Here are the exact steps I did to make the sample (seen at the top of this post):

STEP 1 - Draw your cylinder, drawing very lightly as some of these lines will be erased. We are working on white card stock.
STEP 2 - Take out your slice using the steps shown on the handout. Add a layer of frosting if you'd like.
STEP 3 - Lightly sketch in some decorations.
STEP 4 - Draw your cake in pen. We are using our usual Papremate Flair pen.
STEP 5 - Go over the ink lines again and add some topper decorations off to the side (as we will be cutting everything out). 
STEP 6 - Add color. Here I used Prisma Markers. (The girls used colored pencils in class.)
STEP 7 - Add some extra details with the black pen and then some embellishments with a white pen. I used a uni-ball Signo pen.
STEP 8 - Cut out a cake stand. We did this by folding a piece of colored copy paper in half and drawing a sort of squiggly design and cutting it out. 
STEP 9 - Cut out a platter for your cake using tin foil. This is such a fun touch that adds a bit of playfulness to the piece!
STEP 10 - Cut out your cake and topper decorations. (Sorry no pic of this)

STEP 11 - Mount your parts onto another piece of card stock starting with your cake stand, then platter, then cake, and finally your topper decoration.

STEP 12 - Trim down the page and mount it onto another piece of card stock. Here I mounted mine on black.
The girls got so creative with their cakes! I know I say this every class but I am ALWAYS so impressed with their creativity and personality. Love it!
This artist didn't get all the way finished, but don't you LOVE her design and color scheme? That middle layer made us think of the Queen of Hearts. Gorgeous!
Didn't get a picture of this cake finished, but her decorations are so precious and sweet. I'd love a cake that looked like this!
This creative gal had a whole story about hers...the bride cake topper is looking very put-out because the groom cake topper was flirting with other girls at the wedding. That's the actual bride's hair you see in the top right of the drawing. She's dancing with the actual groom who would NEVER flirt with other girls. :)
Don't you love the look of this one mounted on black paper? Such great contrast! And I absolutely adore her polka dot cake!
This cake looks good enough to eat. We all marveled at the middle layer's beautiful swirl design.

What a sweet time we had today! There is just something so fun about drawing yummy treats! The girls talked about drawing more cakes to put on birthday cards and Valentine cards.

See you next month.

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Natalie Simons said...

Love it!! Peyton has some crazy cake drawing skills. I'm totally impressed!


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