Thursday, October 17, 2013

Decorated iPad Case

I recently got a fun, new toy--an iPad. And as with all new technology, the accessories are fun (and pricey!). I looked around a lot for cases. Well, a lot for me. I am NOT a shopper so I looked around Best Buy for about 20 minutes. I decided on the Folio Keyboard for iPad by Logitech. Mostly because I liked the color. And I told my husband in the store, "I want this one, but you have to be okay with me drawing on it...okay??". "I would have expected nothing less," was his reply. Ah, he knows me so well.

I left the case neked for a good day or two and then I just had to decorate it. I used Sharpie markers and just went for it. "You're not even going to draw it out with pencil?!?" my son asked aghast. He and my husband are the analytical ones in our house and my freehand Sharpie drawing stressed them out. I loved it! :) Any mistake you just turn into something else. No biggie! That's why I love doodling so much!

So here's the case color, cool texture, but oh so boring.

And here is my iPad Case now!
 The Front
 The Back
Laid flat so you can see the spine

What about you? Would you ever do something like this?

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Natalie Simons said...

That is awesome. I can't believe you can just sit down and doodle that. It is amazing!!


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