Friday, June 14, 2013

Drawing People Summer Art Class - Day 5

Day 5 (our last day of class) - Putting it All Together

We did a really quick review of the steps we've been working on all week.
And then the kids got to work on their final drawing. They did this drawing in their sketchbooks. When they were finished we compared them to the drawings they did on Day 1. I love this part! It's so fun to see the pride and surprise on the kids' faces when they see their final drawing compared to their first drawing! I love it! They all want to get rid of their first drawings but I say KEEP IT. It's so fun to be able to compare and see the progress they've made.
Age 14

Age 13

Age 10

Age 11

Age 15

Age 14

I love that a lot of the kids stuck with the same basic age, hair style, and gender of the subjects of both drawings. This was done completely subconsciously since they haven't seen those first drawings since the first day. But that's sort of where the similarities ended. They all achieved wonderful realism and depth and emotion in their final drawings!

Then to kind of let our hair down and unwind at the end of our week together, we did some drawings on chipboard where we broke all the rules. (We used THIS METHOD that I discussed in an earlier post).

This was a GREAT group of kids and I thoroughly enjoyed spending this week with them!!

Take home assignment??
Practice, practice, practice. Drawing people is like doing anything else. It takes practice and the more you do it, the better you get!


Natalie Simons said...

Amazing. Those kids are so talented. And you are such an amazing teacher!! I want to come to Art Camp!

Kim said...

What an awesome and fun class for kids. I can't get over how much they picked up in just 5 days. My 7 year old has an interest in drawing but I can't find a camp with good reviews in our town. I think I will try your instructions for these 5 days and see how it works for him. Thanks for sharing.


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