Friday, September 14, 2012

First Friday Art Class for September 2012 - Gearing Up

Once a month I teach a little art class for my daughter and a few of her friends. We took a break for the summer, but we are back!

Today we're gearing up for the year--literally. The girls decorated canvas bags that they will use all year to hold their art supplies.

The night before I stamped their names on the bags with large rubber stamps and paint...
As soon as the girls arrived they got to work with paint, plastic lids, cotton swabs and ribbon...
(notice how well protected each girl and my dining room table are--we tend to get a bit messy at times) :)

Here they are with their finished bags...aren't they a cute bunch????
I then gave each girl a composition book and a Papermate Flair pen (my new favorite drawing instrument!) to use for the year. They each have their own personal sketchbooks too. The composition book will be used for lettering and class notes. I put their names on everything because it's fun and they won't get all mixed up while they're here for class.
I showed them my composition book so they could get an idea of what to do in theirs. I practice lettering all the time--at church, when I'm watching TV or a movie, making "To Do" lists, whenever. This page was done while watching Hugo with my daughter...
Then we got right to work on the first page of their comp. book...
I may introduce them to a new type of lettering each month, not sure. But we will most certainly be adding to the comp book each month.

This was a fun start to our year and now we're all outfitted and ready to create and look good while we do it!!

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JR and Brynn said...

Love these! Also love those adorable girls. Great idea on the art totes. Totally going to do this with my kids someday.


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