Monday, August 6, 2012

Today's Face - 8/6/12

Notice my new post title. Much less pressure in "Today's Face" than in "A Face a Day". :) Especially since I'm glued to the Olympics every night after work and haven't had much drawing time. I do usually draw while I'm watching TV, but doesn't work with the Olympics. If I look down, I might miss something awesome!

This particular drawing is a request from my darling cousin. She asked me to do a drawing of her that she could use on ETSY as her avatar--her shop is Felt for Less--and other places online.

Here are the photos of her I worked from: (See, darling, right?)
Here are the initial sketches we discussed to get an idea of what she wanted:

And here is the finished drawing:
I used bright, happy colors because she is one of the most fun, cheerful, funny people I know!

We also had the idea to add some of the actual wonderful felt that she sells in her shop. This is that version:

I have several wedding and birthday gifts on my "Art To Do" list but after that, I want to re-do my own avatar similar to this one.

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