Sunday, May 6, 2012

First Friday Art Class for May 2012 - Art Games and End of the Year Party

This is how we party! This was our last class of the (school) year so we played several fun art games.

We started off with Tag Team Drawing. You start the drawing on a page in your sketchbook and then we move seats every 30 seconds until you're back at your own sketchbook.

We got some really fun, creative drawings from this game!
Our next game is called Adjective, Adjective, Noun. I had strips of paper with adjectives on them and strips of paper with nouns. We'd draw two adjectives and one noun and then draw our pictures.
On our last round, we got a bit crazy and used all the adjectives we had left. This was our drawing prompt:
This game is great for sparking creativity and lots of laughter and silliness. Totally fun!

Our next game was one we played at our December class - Whatchamadrawit. This is a great game! It's so fun. We played a little differently this time. We had one person leave the room and those of us left drew what the card said. We then called the person back in and they had to guess what the drawing prompt was--no easy feat with cards that say things like "Draw a heart shaped flower sitting in a fish bowl balanced on a mermaid's nose". :)

Our last game was Sketch Artist. Where one of us would describe the "suspect" and the others would have to draw them. We got some amazing drawings out of this game!
We had a lot of fun this time. We've had a lot of fun all year. I'm going to miss seeing these little sweeties every First Friday! They are a great group of creative, sweet, fun, amazing girls!!
(And they're a bit silly too!)

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JR and Brynn said...

This is such a fun idea. I appreciate your curriculums so much. I plan to do several with my daughter and her friends over the summer. Oh, we are excited! Love your ideas.


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