Friday, December 23, 2011

Knitting Journal

Got the pattern HERE. I had to make it twice because I didn't quite follow the pattern on the first one, but they are both fun and pretty. Both were done on size US 7's and with Lily Sugar n' Cream yarn.

One of the radiating squares along with a Boxy washcloth were gifts for my sister. I love it when people request more washcloths. It means they liked them and they used them. Yay!
Oh, now this was FUN. I used Cascade Magnum and Gedifra Gigante on size US 15's. I used THIS PATTERN but only did one pom pom since I thought that was a little more boyish. I'll be making more of these I'm sure!

This is a bit of a Frankenstein project. The body I just made up, the eye and feet came from a Rebecca Danger Pattern (Penelope) and the knobbles on his head came from THIS PATTERN. This was so fun to make and my nephew loved it. 


Anonymous said...

The square are beautiful! Lovely work. :D Merry Christmas!

JR and Brynn said...

Absolutely beautiful wash cloths. I love these!!


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