Friday, November 4, 2011

First Friday Art Class for November 2011 - Just Doodlin'

This class was all about doodling. We began by discussing the why's of doodling.

So why doodle?

1) It's fun!
2) It keeps your brain and your hand practicing drawing
3) Even though you don't notice it, while you doodle you are constantly working on placement and design
4) It can bring out your creative side because it's so free and relaxed
5) You never know when a doodle will turn into an idea for a great painting

I based the class on the following videos from two very gifted artists:

Dangerous Doodles - Cumulus, Head in the Clouds
Dangerous Doodles - Spikies
Dangerous Doodles - Flowers are Fun
#5 Bloknote TV - How to Doodle

We began by drawing 3 squares on our paper. First we drew the clouds, then the spikies and then the flower. Last but not least, we worked on Bloknote's doodling idea of 'e's and swirls turning into lovely designs that you can add to anything.

I saved the handouts for when it was time to go because I felt that the girls seeing the end result would intimidate and distract them from the drawing. So I never did tell them what we were drawing or showed them the final drawing until they were finished too. We all followed the steps together. The handouts were more for a reminder to take home and practice with.

Because it could be intimidating to see this:

They may think they can't do it. So when we break it down into small parts and all go through the drawing process together, they are surprised by what they can do.

Here are the two handouts for today's class:

We all drew together today so I didn't get a chance to take many pictures, but I did get a few...
 Look at them all so intent and hard at work. Is it any wonder why I love these girls?

Keep doodling! See you next month.

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