Friday, August 5, 2011

Art Journal Page 7/25/11 - She Was Always Brimming With Good Ideas

My Art Journalling adventure continues. One of the things I'm loving most is the freedom and the fact that's it's okay to be imperfect! In fact, the imperfection is usually what makes a page interesting.

Art Journalling is about breaking the rules, freeing your creativity and experimenting. And the only thing I'm regretting is that I didn't try it earlier!!

Illustration Friday - the theme this week is impefect


JR and Brynn said...

I really love the freedom you are giving yourself. Its got incredible results. I LOVE this piece.

Mardi Speth said...

This is a very fun and whimsical piece!

AHAviews said...

Agreed - that the imperfections make a page interesting. Perhaps because after we enjoy the image, we want to know something about the artist, their thoughts, their process, and every foible is a clue. Looking forward to seeing more of these.

Natalie Simons said...

Really love her. She reminds me of the Sugar Queen with her cupcakes :)


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