Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Re-Make without a Before Picture :(

These used to be a garish orange with green polka dots or stripes--I can't remember. (I didn't take a before picture, but trust me, they were ugly.) I got them from Hobby Lobby years ago. 

Last year I primed them and never got around to finishing them. The other day I pulled them back out and got to work. I am so happy with the result! 

Basically, I painted them black to paint down their original color and to create a good base coat. I then painted them with an uneven coat of white, then distressed them by scraping some of the white paint down to the black and also by hammering some nail holes into the surface of the wood. I also did some image transfer onto them. Then I painted them a soft fall orange and added stamps, stripes, circles and pencil marks. I then added some brown paint to distress the ridges and edges. I also painted the stems brown and twisted some thin wire around them. 

I think I'll keep them out through Thanksgiving.

1 comment:

JR and Brynn said...

That's amazing!! I always see tacky stuff and wish I had the talent to make it great. You are incredible and these are so darling. Love them!


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