Friday, July 2, 2010

Bargain Shopping/Item Remake - Part 3

This Y pillow was one of my great finds on my latest trip to Hobby Lobby when the housewares were 80% OFF. This cute little 12" x 12" pillow with bead trim was regularly $24.99. They had lots of Y's and Z's left. I bought 4 of them. Why?

That's why!

Now I have nothing against the letter Y--it was, in fact, my last initial before I got married--but seeing as I  am now an M, let the pillow makeover begin.

I added on 3 flowers (made using this method). I tacked them on with small stitches right over the Y. You can't see it at all.

P.S. The tasseled brocade pillow behind it was also a bargain find. Regularly $79.99 (do people really pay that for pillows?!?) I got it for $16.

I'll post soon about what what I did with the other 3 Y pillows.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your remake of the Y pillow!!! I always hate seeing the Q and Y and Z pillows and such going to to waste, especially when it's such a bargain!!! I just recently tried doing the melted-edge flowers like you used to cover the monogram, and I do believe I'll check out the 80% aisle at Hobby Lobby tomorrow!! Thanks for the fabulous idea!

Anonymous said...

I didn't intend to remain anonymous in the previous comment... sorry!

Lori @ Projects Plenty said...

I saw you featured on Better After and I have to say that the pillow is beautiful! Thanks for the fabric flower tutorial, too.

meliser said...

Tif, I wish you lived closer--like next door. I wanna come and craft with you!


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