Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rolled Fabric Rose Hair Bow and More

There are wonderful tutorials all over the place for these rolled fabric roses. I personally do a combination of a few different methods. I tear a strip of fabric about 2" wide and about 14" long. I fold it over to make a thinner strip. I then just roll the fabric, holding the center between my thumb and fingers and going around and around until I have a rose I'm happy with. I do twist the fabric as I go to make it more interesting--this gives you a raw edge every once in a while which I like. Twist and roll, twist and roll. :)

Then, with a glue gun, I glue the end of the fabric strip down and put a lot of hot glue on the bottom of the rose, making sure to get some glue on each layer and some extra goopiness in the center. I then place the rose on a piece of felt. I do that two more times. (The smaller rose it just fabric that was shorter than 14"). Then I cut away the excess felt.

Then what? The green one above is a hair bow. I just added a little felt loop on the back to hold an alligator clip. This way the alligator clip can be removed and the roses can also be slipped right onto a headband.

I love giving these little hair bows as part of a gift--I always use them as the bow on the package. Just clip it to a card and attach it to a package and you're good to go. (This one was for my daughter's friend--a sweet 7 year old who LOVES hair accessories.)

I have also used the rolled roses around the house. The possibilities are endless. It's such a great way to add some country charm to an item and it's a great use for those small strips of fabric you have lying around the house!


baby hair bows said...

I’ve been very interested in making hair bows lately, and thought of searching on the internet for some tutorials. Thanks for the awesome tutorial. I will definitely make one of this.

JR and Brynn said...

I love this look so much!! I am obsessed lately with this style. Thanks so much for the instructions. Your blog is the best!


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