Friday, June 18, 2010

4th of July Centerpiece with Fabric Pom Poms Tutorial

Just got my new Clover XL Pom Pom Maker. It is so fun! I've make pom poms with tulle, yarn, and fabric.  I specifically bought it to make fabric pom poms. I saw them here on Prudent Baby and loved them.

I made mine with red (striped cotton blend), white (cotton) and navy (polyester) fabric for a fun 4th of July centerpiece.

A few tips for the fabric pom poms:
1. At first I was really careful to wrap the fabric flat so there were no twists. Well, then my pom poms looked like stacks of fabric--not puffy pom poms. So as you wrap either your pom pom maker or whatever else you use, let the fabric twist and overlap a bit.
2. I cut the fabric into 3/4" wide strips. You could certainly go thinner, but thicker may make it harder to tied the knot around the center. I just cut them as long as my fabric and then overlapped them as I wrapped them onto the pom pom maker.
3. I tied these with matching yarn. It seems to tie a tighter knot than other things I tried.
4. For a solid color pom pom, it's best to use solid fabrics or fabrics that are printed on both sides. You can use cottons that are printed on one side. It just gives it a different look--more homespun/country.

To Make the Centerpiece:
I just stuck dowels into the yarn at the center of the pom pom. I didn't even glue them  because I use these dowels for other things. I put floral foam in the bottom of a pot I already had. Again, I just stuck it in and didn't glue is since this pot is usually my pencil holder by my computer. I stuck the dowels in the foam at different levels and filled in the top with floral moss. No glue, just tucked it in. A little jute bow around the pot finishes it off nicely. And everything is removable after the holiday. :)

I tried the pom poms outside first in my planter, but I thought they sort of got lost in the mix. I'm thinking of taking out the pinecones and filling the entire planter with floral foam so I can add all sorts of fabric flowers and pom poms. What do you think?


PBL said...

Those are cute. I, too, just purchased the XL pompom maker to do the same thing.

Jacinda said...

Love these in red white and blue! They look great!

JR and Brynn said...

100% yes! Love the idea. You could do different pom poms per season/holiday. Brilliant and so adorable.


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