Friday, May 14, 2010

IF - Equipment

With the right equipment, any girl can be a princess.


Anonymous said...

haha that is so true, i totally agree with ya on this! great illo

Jack Foster said...

Very cool! Love the colors, expression and character. What a wonderful, whimsical style you have.

P√°sztohy Lili said...

geez your eyes

Marama28 said...

Hi just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful art. My students and I had lots of fun trying to recreate your style. If you would like to, you can see the kids finished pieces here -
We are a small school in the North Island of New Zealand (11 students total). Thanks again.
Marama Stewart (Principal, Pukeokahu School)

Bong Redila said...

great piece.

JR and Brynn said...

I want that night equipment too!! I absolutely love her whimsical style and her flirty attitude. You are so talented.


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