Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fabric Wall Hanging - (Sort of) a Tutorial

We are in the process of redecorating my daughter's room. She has decided that pink and purple are so over and green is the bomb. So we painted over the purple walls she's had since she was one. We painted her walls a gorgeous soft green called Apple Slice. My husband built her a day bed (it's awesome!) and we painted that a darker shade of green. 

When I saw this entry on Make it and Love it, I knew I had to make my own version for my daughter's new room! I had all the supplies on hand--which makes me more happy than I can even describe. It's a weird thing with me, I know.

Artist's Canvas (I used an 18" x 24")
Staple Gun
Flower embellishments (you could use silk flowers, rolled fabric roses, I used singed fabric flowers)

I started out by covering an 18" x 24" artist's canvas with the black and white fabric. (My canvas was black only because I painted over a painting gone wrong. You could use a white canvas.) I pulled the fabric taut and used a staple gun on the back to secure it.

I then drew out a vase template on a manilla folder and cut it out. I just cut out one side and flipped it over for the other side of the vase ensuring it would be symmetrical. I traced the vase and drew 3 stems onto the fabric with taylor's chalk.

Here's where I got so involved that I forgot to photograph the steps. But this is what I did: I painted the vase onto the fabric with the light green wall paint we'd used in her room. No need for fancy fabric paint--believe me I know how well paint sticks to fabric. I have several pairs of jeans that can attest to this! If you have fabric paint, use it, but it's not necessary. I painted the stems with the darker green paint we used on her daybed. 

I then attached 3 white fabric roses (made using this technique). I tacked them to the fabric with a few little stitches. I didn't go through the canvas--just the fabric. You could glue them if you wanted to. The larger flower needed a couple stitches near the top too so the flower wouldn't droop.

And really, that's it and then you've got a fun wall hanging! 


JR and Brynn said...

Okay, totally amazing! So simple and so darling.

Lisa said...

So pretty! I love the texture of the flowers!

karyn redwolf said...

i love to see what folks are up to - most are so pretty - but there is something in your week that inspires me, gives me amazing ideas - and curiously is so vastly different! That's a good thing too. Please keep Creating!

rlmorrison46 said...

I absolutely love this. What a beautiful creation, very nice. I have been saving different shapes of styrafoam and bought some canvas because i want to put up some wall art with some of the fabric i have, i would have never thought to paint something on the fabric. Great idea. Just love this project


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