Friday, April 16, 2010

Free Knitting Pattern - Peyton's Mini Purses

These are so simple and fun to make. They are the perfect size to hold a gift card. It's a fun way to give a gift card instead of a boring old envelope. Throw the card in and some chocolate and you've got every girl's best friend. They are also the right size for a cell phone, lipstick and credit card--perfect for a night out! Little girls love these too. They are the perfect size for them!

This pattern is named for my daughter as she knit the first one.

Peyton's Mini Purse Knitting Pattern

A small amount of Cascade Magnum
US 17 Knitting Needles
Purse handles - in this case I'm using 3" metal craft hoops (bracelets work well too)
Yarn needle
Fabric for lining the bag (optional)
Embellishments (optional)

CO 10, knit in garter stitch until you have 7”. (Finished piece should be around 5" wide and 7" long").

To Assemble: Attach the handles by whip stitching them to the BO and CO edges. You can do this either before of after you seam the sides. It’s just a matter of preference. I like to do it before so they are less fiddly.

Fold the piece in half so the BO and CO edges meet and become the top of the purse. Seam sides beginning at the bottom and leaving about an inch at the top un-seamed (this makes the bag easier to open).

Line the bag and attach embellishments (buttons, flowers, ribbon, etc). To sew the liner, I just take a piece of fabric around 1" wider and the same length as your knitted piece (in this case 6" x 7"). Sew a 1/2" seam all the way around. Fold in half (right sides together) and seam sides leaving 1" at the top un-seamed.

Variations: This pattern works with any yarn, any gauge just so you end up with a piece that measures around 5” x 7”. If it’s wider than 5”, the bag will have a wider base. If it's shorter than 7" it will look more like a clutch, longer it will look more like a bag than a purse.

For the Tabitha Purse  - CO 18 on size 10 US needles using Lion Brand Homespun knit in garter to 7".

For the Marilyn Purse - CO 11 on size 17 US needles, seed stitch until I had 7".

For the Coco Purse - CO 14 on size 15 US needles and added a cable down the center

For the Reggie Purse - CO 17 size 10 US needles with novelty yarn (in this case Bernat Boa) and knit for 1” then switch to main yarn (Lion Brand Homespun), knit in seed stitch for 5-1/2” switch back to novelty yarn and knit 1” then BO

T-Shirt Purse - CO 8 on size 15 US needles with t-shirt yarn knit until I had 5" and used 2" rings for the handles

These are just a couple of ideas. The possibilities are endless. 

This pattern is on Ravelry HERE.

If you do make your own, please link back to this blog so I can see your beautiful handiwork!!


Randi said...

I absolutely love those. Planning to make one right away to hold a gift card. I'll definitely link back to you on my blog. Thanks so much for sharing the idea!

Mariella said...

Sono bellissime,complimenti.Ciao Mariella

Colleen said...

I absolutely love this!! I am making them for my little nieces and so far they have come out great! By any chance, were you able to find the 3" rings in a silver? I seem to only find them in brass. Thanks so much!

Tif said...

I have only found them in brass but you could also use silver bracelets for the handles.

Breahna Young said...

Hi there!! I love this pattern! I just have a question.. could I sell my work using your pattern or just for personal use? Thank you so much!! :)


Tif said...

I have no problem with you selling things made from my pattern. Go for it! :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love them but I don't know how to knit. Can I crochet them instead.


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