Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Anybody Played "Little Big Planet"?

My kids are obsessed with Little Big Planet. So the minute I mentioned I saw a pattern for Sackboy, they were hounding me to knit them one. The large one is from THIS Alan Dart pattern. Honestly, I don't love it. And here's why: 1. It's too big - 10" tall. IMO knit toys are cuter when they are small, and 2. It was the biggest pain in the you-know-what pattern to make. SO much seaming. 

But my son loves it and thinks it's cool (and that's saying a lot for an 11 year old boy who thinks everything is lame).

When I finally talked myself into starting my daughter's Sackboy, I just decided to design it myself. It's smaller--7" tall--and I like it much better (although I still think elephants and bunnies are much cuter!) :) 

The head and body were knit in the round in once piece so there was so much less seaming. The zipper is glued on which was also a huge time (and headache) saver.

Anyway, I think he looks kinda drunk in the above photo so here's another pic of the smaller Sackboy (looking less plastered).  :)


Enchantresses Three said...

Chloe looooooves little big planet too!!! So cute! You amaze me woman!

Jingle said...

I have never seen Little Big Planet, as I don't have kids, but I just fell in LOVE with this fabulous Sackboy!!! He is wonderful!


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