Thursday, January 7, 2010

Free Knitting Pattern - Headband Ear Warmer

I have written a newer, simpler pattern. Please click HERE or see the sidebar on the right and click on the new pattern. (The decrease is easier) :)

01/09/10 UPDATE: Please note that I have added updated pictures with another flower option (same headwrap--new flower). The large flower was made using Susan B. Anderson's Felted Flower pattern from Itty Bitty Hats.

01/22/10 UPDATE: The gauge for this pattern is 9 st per inch, 6 rows per inch. But it is not crucial. You can always adapt this to whatever yarn you are using by casting on more or fewer stitches. I have also posted a pattern for this headwrap using bulky yarn with a crocheted flower if you're interested.

1/31/10 UPDATE: There have been a few questions so I've added some more explanation to the increase and decrease rows in this pattern. Hope this helps. I've also added some tips HERE.  Please contact me with any questions, I'm always happy to help.
Here is the Ravelry Link to this pattern.


This headband is perfect for those brisk morning walks or for taking the kids to school. It's perfect with a ponytail! Below is more a recipe than a pattern. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and link to pictures if you do make one! My 8 year old daughter is modeling the headband. It's a bit more snug on a grown up head. My head is 22" and this headband fits wonderfully! There is a bit of play with the size as you can place the button where you'll need it to be so it fits your head.

Headband Earwarmer
Size 6 US knitting needles
Rowan Wool Cotton (just under 1 skein) - this is a DK yarn
Size J Crochet Hook (optional)*
Small shank button (optional - for embellishment flower)
Finished Size:
22.5" long and 4" wide at widest part
m1B – From the back, lift loop between stitches with the left needle, purl into the front of loop (this is a bar increase that makes a purl stitch and no hole)
m1F – From the front, lift loop between stitches with left needle, knit into the back of loop (this is a bar increase that makes a knit stitch and no hole)
pfb – purl front and back
You will begin with 9 stitches, increase on the middle stitch on every RS row for 7”, knit in pattern 4”, then decrease back down--again, always on that middle stitch--for 7".
IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t get too caught up in the rib pattern right around the decrease or increase stitches. There are times when you’ll have 2 knit stitches together or 2 purl stitches together. They work themselves out on the next inc. or dec. row. And it’s sort of hidden in the inc. and dec. Stick to the rib as best you can. Let the stitches tell you what they want to be.This all sounds much more complicated than it actually is. Once you get into the knitting, you'll see. (*NOTE: I have added more specific instructions as of 1/31/10)

CO 9 st
Row 1 (RS): K1, P1 rib across
Row 2 (WS): P1, K1 across
Row 3: Repeat row 1
Row 4: Repeat row 2

Begin increase
Row 5: Work in rib until center stitch (on this row it is the 5th stitch), kfb center st , continue in rib to the end of the row
Row 6: Work in the rib knowing that you will have two purl stitches next to each other right in the very center of the row--this is fine as you will increase BETWEEN them on the next row. 
Row 7: Work in rib until the center, m1B, continue in rib to the end of the row.
Row 8: Work in the rib pattern
Row 9: Work in rib until center stitch, pfb, continue in rib to the end of the row
Row 10: Work in the rib knowing that you will have two knitl stitches next to each other right in the very center of the row--again, this is fine as you will increase BETWEEN them on the next row. 
Row 11: Work in rib until center stitch, m1F, continue in rib to the end of the row
Row 12: Work in the rib pattern
Repeat rows 5-12 until your work measures 7” from the cast on edge. You’ll have 33 stitches on the needle. (If you have a different number of stitches than this, it's fine, but please see my TIPS HERE because the type of decrease you do depends solely on what your middle stitch is--knit or purl. I also always suggest that you end your increase with a row with an odd number of stitches--it makes the first row of the decrease much easier. So if you've got an even number, do one more increase).

Work in the rib pattern for 4” (until you have 11” from the cast on edge)

Begin the decrease
Row 1 of decrease (RS): (THIS ROW IS WORKED ASSUMING YOUR MIDDLE STITCH IS A KNIT STITCH, IF IT'S A PURL STITCH, DO ROWS 5-8, THEN 1-4) Work in rib until 2 stitches before the center stitch, k2tog, pfb (this is the center stitch), k2tog, continue in the rib
Row 2: work in the basic rib pattern knowing that you will have two knit stitches next to each other in the very center of the row--this is fine as you will purl the two of them together on the next row. 
Row 3: Work in rib until the two center stitches, p2tog, continue in the rib pattern
Row 4: Work in rib pattern
Row 5: Work in rib until 2 stitches before the center stitch, p2tog, kfb (this is the center stitch), p2tog, continue in the rib
Row 6: work in the basic rib pattern knowing that you will have two purl stitches next to each other in the very center of the row--this is fine as you will knit the two of them together on the next row. 
Row 7: Work in rib until the two center stitches, k2tog, continue in the rib pattern
Row 8: Work in rib pattern

Work decrease rows 1-8 until you have 9 stitches on the needle. BO leaving the last stitch on the needle.* Transfer this stitch to a crochet hook. Chain 6 stitches and connect them to the beginning of the BO edge (this makes the button loop). Now start crocheting around the edge. I did 2 single crochet stitches in every other st. Go all the way around the headband, then around the button loop. Secure and cut yarn and tie off. Weave in all ends and sew a button on the opposite end from the button loop.

Add whatever embellishment you choose. (The one pictured was a simple CO tons of stitches, BO several, knitting 2 in between to make “petals”.) Or I've added a crocheted flower to the Bulky Yarn Version you might like to try.

*The entire crochet border is optional. It gives the edge a bit of a decorative look. But the headband looks fine without it. If you choose not to do it, you may want to add a few more stitches to begin with to make the headband wider. You’ll also need to make a buttonhole on the row before your bind off. If you don’t want to deal with either method of creating a button hole, you could just attach some little strings or ribbon at either end and tie them under your hair to wear. (But I will tell you, the button is quite convenient).


lainie0831 said...

I have been looking for this for weeks! Thank you so much for posting!

JR and Brynn said...

I just bought one of these the other day. LOVE THEM! I can't believe you can make them. You are so dang talented. So cute! said...

That is so cute! I just clicked over...darn, from Craft Gossip? I went to make a cup of coffee and now I forgot. =) Anyway, I was going to say it's darling and I would love to link to it if you didn't mind!

Unknown said...

This is adorable!! I found you via

Jacob and Elise said...

I've also been looking for this for weeks! In trying to recreate the one I bought, the increases were giving me fits. This is perfect! Thank you so much!

Patricia said...

Oooh! I cannot wait to try knitting this! I bought one too, but have been looking all over for directions...Thanks! :D

Anonymous said...

Very Cute. Being a new knitter, what do you do for rows 6, 8, and 10?

Tif said...

On all even rows (wrong side rows) you just knit the rib pattern.

Anonymous said...

What is the gauge of this please?

Tif said...

9 stitches and 6 rows = 1 inch in K1, P1 Rib

I'll add it to the actual pattern. Thanks for reminding me.

Pachie said...

how do you crochet this? is there a pattern?

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been looking this pattern for weeks!! It's really cute! I'm a new knitter. I started with this pattern a couple days ago but I'm having some problems with the decreases...I follow the instructions and i really can't finish my work cause I can't get the shape T.T
Could you explain me please??

Tif said...

Here's my best explanation for the decrease. If this doesn't help, maybe you could let me know the particular problem you are having.

The decrease alternates because on rows with an odd number of stitches, you can't knit the two center ones together since you have just one stitch right in the center. So you do your decrease around it and then increase into it to make up for the fact that you decreased two.

On rows with an odd number, you decrease 2 (the stitches on either side of the middle stitch) and make 1 (in the middle stitch) so in the end, you've decreased one stitch. Then on the next RIGHT SIDE row, you'll have an even number of stitches and can just knit the middle 2 together.

That's why you alternate between the two types of decrease. Does that make sense?

And on all wrong side rows, you still just knit in the rib pattern (no decrease on those rows).

Anonymous said...

I'm ok with the RS... I think my problem is the WS...
when I start the decrease...
...k p k2tog kfb k2tog p k...
...p k p p p p k p...
am I wrong??

Tif said...

I will go in and add some explanation to the pattern. I did some pfb on those rows and then p2tog. I will fix that on the pattern.

Tif said...

Okay, I have laid out the decrease (and increase for that matter) rows much more specifically now. Hope it helps. Let me know if you still have questions! I'm glad you got through the increase! :)

Tif said...

Also I have laid out some tips in an entry here:

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the pattern!! just returned from New York and saw these cute haeadbands on every corner, just knew I could make my own Angela

KatieDid Crafts said...

Great patterns! I was in the middle of writing my own pattern for something just like this because I had seen it in a store and wanted one! I finished the band yesterday, now just need to finish the flower!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!! I've just finished my headband. LOVE IT!

Mar said...

I'm a beginner knitter and I'm trying to knit this headband and I can't waaa! I have tried and tried. What level knitter do I have to be to do this. Am I so bad that I can't figure it out? It is so cute...and I'm determined. I am an Illustrator/Mom as well. Illustrated for years before being a mom. I have an itch to knit! My question...what level is this pattern? Just so I know if I can accomplish it! Thanks. Mar.

Tif said...

For the most part, this knitting is very simple. The exceptions are the pfb which is a little tricky. Here is a youtube video that is really helpful:

And the m1f and m1b and a little bit advanced. For help with those try this link:

For the m1b, go down the left side until you see m1r (also called m1b) and watch the quick video of m1r ON THE PURL SIDE. For m1f, go down the right side and watch the main video for m1L (also called m1f).

If you're scared off by the crochet border you could always just slip the first stitch of every row instead. But then you'd need to incorporate a buttonhole in the last few rows of the knitting. You can do this by binding of stitches on one row and then casting them back on (backwards loop method) on the next row.

Leslie said...

Help !!! I cast on and increased in rib pattern for approx 7" then followed rib pattern for 4". (total of 11" from cast on as stated in pattern)I am ready to decrease in rib pattern for approx 7"..but wait, that adds up to 18" and you state finished length is 22". I am confused.

Tif said...

The crochet edging and button loop will add the extra length.

Unknown said...

I love this headband. My friend would like me to make it for her. The flower you put on it is fabulous -- I would love a bit more explanation of how you made it! Thanks so much!

Tif said...

The simple little flower with the button is what I tried first (and eventually removed). For that I did this:

Small Flower:
Cast on 66 st
(K3, bind off 9 st) 6 times
You will now have 12 st on the needle. 1 st at the beginning and the end, and 2 sts between the other bind offs.
Cut tail 6” and draw yarn through remaining st.
Fasten off.

Larger Flower:
Cast on 90 st
(K3, bind off 13 st) 6 times
You will now have 12 st on the needle. 1 st at the beginning and the end, and 2 sts between the other bind offs.
Cut tail 6” and draw yarn through remaining st.
Fasten off.

The larger, more elaborate flower (in the first and 2nd pics) is from SBA’s Itty Bitty Hats book from a hat called Felted Flower Child. (It’s a felted flower. I just made it and didn’t felt it.)

But I hate to say this (as a LOYAL knitter), the crocheted flower I added to the Bulky Yarn Headwrap (see the right sidebar of my blog for the pattern) turned out the cutest and took SO much less time than SBA’s. I will tell you that I am not a crocheter and had to have my little cheat sheet right next to me as I designed the flower AND just recently as I made another one. So if you can crochet even a little, I’d suggest that flower.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the info. I really appreciate it! And since I can crochet, maybe I'll bite the bullet and make a crocheted flower (I'm with you -- I much prefer knitting!) My friend will love this.

Anonymous said...

Great headband - especially the large flower!! However, after I made the first one, I thought the decreases were harder than they had to be. So, on the next ones I- Decreases: (when the middle stitch is knit rs) row 1: rib until one stitch before center stitch skpo (slip, knit center stitch, pass the slipped purl stitch over) row 3: rib to two center stitches p 2 tog row 5: rib until one stitch before center sppo (slip, purl, pass slipped knit stitch over) row 7: rib to two center stitches k2tog
This seems to work well and mirrors the increase side.

Amy {The Idea Room} said...

Love this! I used your tutorial and made one for my daughter. I love how it turned out! Thanks so much. I linked to your blog and instructions from mine. Hope you don't mind!

crochethead2 said...


Tif said...

Sorry, my crochet skills are very limited. I am a knitter so I only have the knit pattern.

Anonymous said...

There is a nice pattern--actually 2--one small and one larger in Stitch and Bitch Nation for a knitted flower. It's really cute!

Anonymous said...

This for crochethead did you find the pattern to a crocheted one yet? If not Etsy has one for sale I bought it and made one it is quick and the price is reasonable. good luck

Unknown said...

Can you please help me, I'm a new knitter so there are still a lot to learn, can you please tell me what exactly stitch that I should do m1b. I'm confused from row 7 to row 9 because I'm not sure what stitch to do m1b and pfb. Can you please expalin better for these rows.
Thank you so much

Tif said...


On row 7, you are doing a bar increase between the two middle stitches. So knit the rib pattern for 5 stitches and then do the M1b, then continue in the rib pattern to the end of the row. On all the M1b or M1f rows, you will do the increase BETWEEN the two center stitches.

On row 9, you will do the pfb on the 6th stitch, which is the center stitch. On all the pfb or kfb rows you will do your increase on the middle stitch--the stitch that is the very center of the row.

Hope this helps. If you need more explanation, give me your e-mail address and I'd be happy to help any way I can.

Unknown said...

I'm so impressed how nice and helpful you are . Thank you so much for sharing this great pattern to evreybody, that's nice of you that sharing it instead you can sell and make money from this pattern. Ok, I finally figured out the increase now and ready to start the decrease but I have problem with it ,so one more bother you. Ok you said that start the decrease with an odd number, my center stich is knit stich but 2 stich before the center is k,p , ( ok for sample my odd number is k, p, k, p, k, p, k, k, p, so the k is the center but 2 stich before it right next to the knit stich is p, k. So how do I knit these 2 together, I know how to k2tog but not sure knit 2tog with 1k, and 1 p. I did knit the knit with the purl together and purl the knit stich pfb and then knit the purl, knit together . But it doesn't look right. Since the odd row is k,p, k, so I'm not sure how I support to k2tog or p2tog and Do I just kfb if the center stich is a purl stich and pfb if the center is a knit stich? Please help me expain this better. I alomost got the headband done, just have proble with the decrease. But anyway I want to say thank you to you million times for your kindness and your helpful.

Tif said...

This is from my Tips Blog Entry. See if this helps.

DECREASE ROWS - When your middle stitch is a purl stitch (remember we always start our decrease with a row with an odd number of stitches), you will purl the TWO stitches before the middle together (decreasing 1), then kfb on that middle stitch (making 1), then p2tog the TWO stitches after the center most stitch (decreasing 1). So you've decreased 2 and made one, which decreased 1. This way your decrease will mirror the increase. Now on your wrong side you'll have two purl stitches in a row right in the center. That's fine. On the next right side row, you'll simple k2tog. When your middle stitch is a knit stitch, you will knit the two stitches before the middle stitch together, pfb, then k2tog. Again, on your wrong side you'll have two knit stitches together right in the center--it's fine. On the next right side row, you'll p2tog.

Unknown said...

Ok, I'm so sorry if my question is too dum, I did read your tip on decrease tried to understand what I need to do but I still confusing. Please read my question carefully and help me answer it better, I'm.very new to knit so please help me, I want to finish this headband. My question is 2 stich before the center stich is k, p , do I just purl these 2 stich together even though there is 1 k, 1 p. Usually k2tog with 2 knit next to each others. But this pattern ask to purl or knit with 1 k, 1 p together. Is this normal? And on the center stich if it a knit ,pfb and if a p stitch kfb. Am I right ? I did that and it doesn't seem right. Please reread my question above. I did read your tip very carefully over over again but still confused and my decrease doesn't right !nd it turn out that the headband have holes on decrease side. But I'm sorry for bugging you , I hope you will help me finish this headband . Thank you for your time.

Tif said...

This is not a dumb question at all! The decrease is where everyone struggles. And honestly, my method isn't perfect. It's just the best I could come up with. I always put the flower on the decrease side to sort of hide any imperfections. And I find that once the headband is on your head, you don't notice.The rib and flower can hide a lot.

Other people have changed the decrease to be a k3tog or p3tog on every other RS row (depending on the rib pattern). This would be your only decrease. You may want to try this. It would be easier. I may try it on my next one.

Okay, if you do decide to stick to the pattern, I'll answer your questions:

Yes, you do k2tog or p2tog even though they are a k and a p.

Also, if the middle stitch is a k, you pfb. If it's a p, you kfb. Weird, but it works. Then on the wrong side, follow the rib pattern knowing you'll have two of the same (p,p or k,k) in the very center.

Hope this helps. I'm sending positive knitting vibes your way so you can finish the headband!!

Let me know if you get stuck again! Also, I'd love to see pics when you're done.


Unknown said...

Thank you again for helping me out, ok I understand your pattern better now and I finally finished the headband, it turned out great except that on the decrease side doesn't mirror the increase as well. But the flower does hide it. I just tried Michelle ideal on the decrease ,seem like it work and mirror the increase better. But anyway I'm happy that you helped me out to finished this beautiful headband. It 's my first knit project. I wish you all the best and luck in your knitting project.

Kismatt said...

My boss decided that, since I knit, she needed to beg me to make one of these for her niece's baby. She bought an adult-sized one at an accessories shop in the mall, and could I pleeeeeease make her a baby sized one? *sigh* ;)

Thank you very much for posting the pattern!!

Tif said...

I think a baby headwrap would be darling!

Rachel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenn said...

Hi i want to Thank you for this pattern!!
I was almost gonna google the knitted flower until I scrolled down a little bit and found it in your comment box.. You should post that with your headband pattern for everyone to see :).
I'm a beginner at this so Ive made a lot of mistakes. My first mistake was I didn't know what you meant by k1,p1 rib across so don't laugh but this is what i did.... I k1,p1 and knitted across...the next one I p1,k1 and p across......but anyway it actually came out ok..also for your dec and Inc i didn't understand it so what i did was on the RS every middle I kfb ...then just p across the ws... For the dec I did
ssk, kfb ,k2together in the middle....this all probably doesn't make sence but this is how i did it and it came out pretty i just have the flower left to do..i will knit another one tho with k,p,k,p,lol...and hopefully no mistakes this time! Thank you so much again for this pattern!


Greetings from the Caribbean (Curacao)
(I'm probably the o ly one on this island knitting ;) )    

Unknown said...

Hi - been so excited to find this pattern, but having the same issues as Hang did...I do the decrease perfectly according to your instructions...but it does not mirror the pattern of the increase side. It is weird the way it doesn't extend the knit or purl columns. Isn't there a way to do the exact same thing decreasing? I am trying to figure another way and felt crazy until I read I wan't the only one this happened to... Thanks!

Tif said...


You may want to try the decrease advice I gave Hang:

Other people have changed the decrease to be a k3tog or p3tog on every other RS row (depending on the rib pattern). This would be your only decrease. You may want to try this. It would be easier. I may try it on my next one.

Also, this pattern is really forgiving. And it’s by no means perfect. The decrease isn’t exactly like headwraps that you see that have been commercially made, but it’s the best I could come up with using the knitting skills I have. I just always put the flower on the decrease side to hide any imperfections. :)

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing!!
i just got done making this headband :D (so proud of me!lol)

Unknown said...

Did you use a circular knitting needle for this project?

Tif said...

I did use circulars. I generally do even when knitting flat just because they stay together and I can slide the work onto the cable when I'm not knitting.

But to be clear - the headband is knit flat! :)


Unknown said...

I just knit this headband, and I had a few suggestion for those that don't crochet... At the end just BO down to two stitches and create an i-cord from there for the button loop. I'm also making an i-cord flower, but I think I may have to break down and learn one of the flowers here--very pretty.

I also had problems with the decrease. I couldn't get the one in the pattern to work out/I was confused, and ktog3 and ptog3 was decreasing too fast so it wasn't symmetrical! I ended up looking in the comments here and using a decrease method with slips. It looks similar and is symmetrical. Now that I've mastered this headband I think I'll make a few for Christmas. Thanks for the pattern! :)

Pooja said...

thanks a lot for the pattern. I am making this know and just about to be done..wanted to know how u made the button loop?

Tif said...

The button loop is explained at the end of the pattern in the paragraph that starts with "Work decrease rows 1-8 until you have 9 stitches on the needle..."

Anonymous said...

The headband is adorable, but way above my knitting skills. Do you know if there is a pattern for the same type of headband that is crocheted? Thanks in advance for your help.

Anonymous said...

do you have to use a circular needles
on this project???????????????

Tif said...

I did use circulars. I generally do even when knitting flat just because they stay together and I can slide the work onto the cable when I'm not knitting.

But to be clear - the headband is knit flat so straight needles are fine! :)


Unknown said...

I'm having soo much trouble crocheting the flower, I only know how to crochet a little. For round 1, when Im done it isn't obvious loops, so it makes it difficult for round 2 to make sure I'm staying on one loop. Is this right? I have done it several times now and ocme up with the same thing. Also for Round 2 do you just work back and forth on the same loop until you have finished, then move to the next loop or do you continue around the ring and it just forms itself?

Also for each stitch do you always go over the same about of stitchs, like dc 4, and hdc 3, sc 2?

1st Round - (Ch 3, 1 sc into ring) do this 5 times. Join with a sc into first st.
2nd Round - Into each chain loop work 1 sc, 1 hdc, 6 dc, 1 hdc, 1 sc. Fasten off.

Please help would really like to do the crochet flower since you said that worked best

Ariana said...

hello! i wanted to ask you if u can make a youtube video of this headband? I've been looking for the pattern a long time but since i'm a beginner its easier for me to see it than read it because i don't understand all the terms. Can this be done with one hook needle? Thanks so much for your time :)

Tif said...

I'm not exactly understanding your questions. You may want to take them to a seasoned crocheter. It may be easier for someone to just show you how to do it rather than me to tell you. If you still run into trouble, let me know and I'll do my best to explain.

Check out my Tips entry here for links to video helps:

As far as a youtube video--I don't really have the time or the resources for that but I'd be happy to answer any questions I can. Also, there are a lot of good tips here in the comment section from other knitters.

Thanks guys!

Tif said...

Okay, Bonnie,
Decided to give it a try. Here's a bit of an explanation:

On the flower, the first thing you do is form a ring. This is the very center of the flower. Then on round 1, you're creating 5 loops around that center ring (called chain loops). Your petals will be "built" onto these loops. In round 2, you do several stitches into each chain loop to form the petals going around in a circle.

Does that help? I'm not much of a crocheter so I'm not sure if I'm using proper terminology. I couldn't find a flower I liked, so I made this one up and explained it the best I could.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get a crochet pattern for this item? I don't knit. I would like to make this for my daughter

ginal426 said...

Don't know why this came up as "Anonymous". You can email me at "" if there are crochet instructions. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

How grateful I found your pattern! It's just the one I've been looking for! Thank you again! Donna

Catherine said...

Hi I love this pattern and the photos - I was looking for something like this for ages - I have headband crochet on my blog but didn't post the pattern - maybe I should. I am not a great pattern writer I think! Thanks for sharing, I am now following your blog and hope you visit and maybe follow mine. Thanks

Meadowbrook said...

I love your pattern! I gave one of these to my sister for Xmas and she couldn't believe I had made it myself. It's easy to follow and really knits up beautifully even for an advanced beginner like me.

Anonymous said...

love this pattern. How can I adjust it to make for a young child?

Unknown said...

I just used your pattern and it worked great. I would love to send a photo to you but I don't know how to post one. I used a button as the center of the flower and made my flowers interchangeable. Thanks for the pattern.

Unknown said...

For the crocheters,
Try these.


Tif said...

To make this for a child, you would just cast on fewer stitches, increase a bit less, knit the middle part a bit smaller, then decrease back down. Depending on your gauge, you can change the size any way you'd like.

Tif said...

Thanks for the crochet links!!

Mary said...

For those who want to crochet this headwrap
This is awesome, fast and easy. Change hook size to a larger size to make bigger or add on to chain at beginning.
This looks knitted! :). I love it!

Mary S said...

For crocheted version:

Ok, download this one, you will not be sorry!

Anonymous said...

Can find that crocheted pattern headband
Link doesn't show pattern

Mary S said...
This is the crochet headwrap. It's hard to see the headwrap with all the flowers, but In previous post this is it, it was one of the views. It gives you different renditions.
I'm working on one now!

Mary S said...

Sorry, I'm doing this from my phone.
Go to Annies attic and type in
Boutique Headwraps in Crochet

My Heart in Denver said...

Tif ~
Thank you thank you thank you for this pattern and for all the comments and help you've been giving!! I am a very new knitter, this is the 3rd thing I've attempted to make and thanks to all your help, I am very proud of it!! I did go with the K3tog or P3tog and it came out just fine!
So my hand was totally held throughout the entire project through all the comments and your hints, but I need a bit more help... I don't really understand how to do the crochet border. It probably is incredibly easy, but crocheting is completely foreign to me... Would you mind just elaborating on the border a bit and if you know of any websites or youtube videos that may help I would be soooo appreciative!!
Thank you again!!

Tif said...


You may find these helpful:


Tif said...

Possible crochet pattern:

My Heart in Denver said...

Thank you!! =)

Stephanie aka Houseplantgirl on Ravelry said...

This is EXACTLY what I've been searching for all winter!! whoot!!
I'm sooo casting on for this tomorrow!
thank you for sharing!!
Houseplantgirl on Ravelry

Tama said...

I have been knitting a year or so and am just now really working on increasing and decreasing. This pattern has been a challenge for me b/c there are so many different types of increase/decrease stitches to learn. I've been thrilled that my increases are working so well so far; however, I am still not adept at reading patterns well yet and I have ended up with the strangest thing!

I started out in K1,P1 rib. As I was increasing and turning the work, I followed what was either a K or P on the row and either knitted or purled it without actually staying in a K1, P1 rib pattern. (Hope that makes sense.) SO -- now I have these ribs that are getting wider! LOL It's pretty cool looking actually (I came back on to look at pics again b/c I thought it wasn't looking like what I'd remembered) BUT I'm not sure what will happen when I get to the decrease side (which I will be starting soon.)

Can you picture what I'm describing? And do you know what will happen when I get to decreasing? I'm OK w/ not perfectly symmetrical, but this could be completely different on the other side! LOL

Mandy Dowdy said...

I made one today! It was 51 degrees on my run Tuesday morning. My ears HURT by the time I got back. Earmuffs make my ears sore from the pressing down. I'm looking forward to my run in the morning with my cool new headband. I did mine in dark brown wool with a crocheted flower that I got from the Lion Brand Yarn website.

Anonymous said...

I love this headband, and I have made it all the way to the decrease part, I just want to get one step clear; it says if the middle stitch is a knit, then I k2tog right before the middle, pfb (in the middle stitch), then k2tog after the middle. I just want to make sure that I should purl fb in the knit (middle) stitch and not knit. Hope I'm being clear

Tif said...


Yes that is correct. pfb in that middle stick.

Just a note thought, some people are finding this decrease more successful if you'd like to give it a try:

You want to do this decrease on EVERY OTHER RIGHT SIDE ROW. If you do it every other row, you'll decrease down too quickly. So it would be like this:

Row 1 (RS): work rib with p3tog/k3tog (whichever one fits into your rib pattern) in middle 3 stitches
Row 2 (WS): rib
Row 3 (RS): rib
Row 4 (WS): rib
Row 5 (RS): work rib with k3tog/p3tog (again, whichever one fits your rib pattern) in middle 3 stitches

Repeat until you're back down to however many stitches you casted on.

Cookie said...

Hello...I love this pattern and am knitting one for each of the Grands for Christmas. Thank you! I've decreased the width for children, but am not sure of the length. Any suggestions?

Tif said...

I did one for my daughter who was 8 at the time and I cut just an inch off the length. But she has sort of a big noggin. :) An idea would be to cut an inch off the length but then put 2 buttons so the wearer could tighten it up even more if they needed to. Just a thought.

Kristen said...
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Lilaciris said...

I am so glad I found this pattern. I have a lady at work that talked about seeing this at a craft show, so I started searching online and found your pattern.

I'm a pretty good knitter, but the decreases have me confused.

I understand that there will either be 2 knit or 2 pearl stitches in the center after the decrease, but what is confusing me is that there will also be double stitches(2K or 2P) before and after the KFB or PFB stitch when you come back on the next row.

Am I reading the directions wrong?

Help !!!

Tif said...


Hopefully most issues and questions will be cleared up.

PJ said...

This headband is great, I am using DK weight yarn and started it with slipping first stitch purl wise so as not to crochet around edge.

QUESTION: You say add a few more stitches if not doing crochet edge. how many do you really mean? and how many extra rows in the center?

Thank you, I appreciate the help as I am not a crocheter!

Tif said...

Dear PJ,
I can't really give you a definitive answer. It depends on your gauge and also your head size. My advice is just keep holding it up to your head and kind of go by your own measurements. Remember that the last section will be as long as the first section, so when you're about 1/3 of what you want, begin the decrease.

And if you have to you can always add a little bit extra at the very end if you need to which will make the ends not quite even in the back.

If that bothers you, you can just keep measuring and frog back to the center section if you have to to add more rows. It's such a quick knit, frogging back a bit isn't a huge deal.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing the pattern. My daughter and myself were looking all over internet and books for the pattern - thanks again

kids accessories said...

If you are petite who wears plus size or have a full/wide face, I suggest scaling it with multiple bands or anything that is see-through. This helps flatter your scale without overwhelming or making your short stature obvious.


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