Sunday, November 29, 2009

Handmade Advent Boxes Tutorial

I SOOO wanted these little advent bags from nuvonova. But alas, they were not in the budget for this year. Maybe next year.

So I decided I had to make my own of sorts--using items I had on hand. The kids and I always do a scripture advent. We read a scripture a day slowly over the 24 days telling the whole story of Jesus' birth. (Can't find the link now, if you'd like the scriptures, e-mail me or leave a comment and I'll send them to you.)

We've done this for years. At first I'd make a little chain or something with a candy for each day. But I wanted something different this year.

I found this printable template for little pyramid boxes--it's brilliant. Print it on the back of your printed scrapbook paper, cut it out and you're ready to go!

Printed templates on the back of pretty paper (8 pages)
Scripture strips to put in the boxes or any other little note or goodie
Hershey's Kisses or other small candies to put in the boxes
Tags with numbers 1-24
Bakers Twine
Jute or ribbon

Make tags of your choice. I used price tags. I put stickers on them with the numbers 1-24 and then distressed the edges with an ink pad. Voila.

Cut out the template, fold on the lines. I taped the bakers twine inside the box before closing it up. I also found that tape held them closed better than stickers. I was able to fit the little rolled scripture strip and 2 Hershey's Kisses in each one all snug and cute. :)

Tie the tag to the top of the box or to the baker's twine.

I tied the boxes up on jute strung across my shelves. I scattered them around so as we take them down, it won't all be on one side.


furrypig said...

really cute a brilliant idea thanks for sharing

kirstin & jordan said...

LOVE these... we'll be linking!

JR and Brynn said...

I am sure the kids love these. I LOVE them strung up. Adorable. said...

You have wonderful ideas! I'm paging back and finding all sorts of wonderful things. I just love your illustrations, too! Thanks for sharing...I've posted a number of links!


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