Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cortez Craft Fair

I had such a good time this weekend in Cortez and I met so many wonderful people! It was also so fun chatting with some of the other artists and crafters. I couldn't resist a bracelet from Rustic Mama. And I had so much fun chatting with Jacy from zbabiez. Her stuff is darling and so well made! I'm trying to talk her into putting some of her amazing diaper cakes on ETSY. If you're looking for baby gifts, check out her blog!

I always like to see my paintings in a grouping. They seen to compliment each other. Most folks were looking for crafts, not art, so many of these are back in my tmatthews ETSY shop.

The knitted and felted bags were a big hit. I couldn't believe how much the little girls like my mini purses. One little sweetie kept putting all my mint table decorations into them. So cute!

The chalkboard countdown Santa signs were popular too. I've listed some other ones in my bumblebina ETSY shop. Most people bought them for their homes, but I did have one order for a large one for a dentist's office. That will be a fun way to brighten up the joint! :)

These little cuties (my daughter and my cousin's daughter) sold hair flowers to earn Christmas money. Aren't they sweet?

Thank you Cortez for a lovely weekend!!

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JR and Brynn said...

Oh, wow, it looks like it turned out wonderfully. I agree that it is so awesome to see all your stuff together. It all seems to go so adorably together. I am glad your stuff was a hit. I LOVE all you do.


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