Monday, September 7, 2009

I Made a Sweater!

Finally a knitted item for me and a sweater! This is the first sweater I've ever made. It was so fun. Now I have an order in for a lime and purple striped (cute!!) sweater for my daughter. I will take a picture of this sweater on as soon as it's not too hot to even think about putting on a wool sweater! :)

Shalom Sweater
Yarn Used: Cascade 220
Needle Size: US 11


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It's beautiful :)

Britt said...

Wow. That is beautiful! I want to wear it right now.

Devyn Larson said...

Looks really cozy! I love the color.
Great job!

The Bell Fam said...

Wow, are you serious!?! That is so great. It is beautiful.


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