Friday, June 26, 2009

New Yarn

I don't know what, but I have to make something with this yarn from Lion Brand! I mean it has my name written all over it. :)

Speaking of yarn...I just got a package in the mail containing all this vintage 100% wool yarn!

I won it on e-bay. Although my husband keeps saying, "Is it really winning? You had to pay for it and now we have to find somewhere to put it all..." Whatever, he doesn't get it. This isn't just 40 skeins (40 skeins!!!) of yarn--this is tons and tons of future knitting/felting projects just waiting to be discovered!

I know I am a nerd.

1 comment:

The Bell Fam said...

But a cute nerd...with a yarn brand named after her. That is way better than the porn star rap your name usually has.


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